The automatic geotagging does not really work with my photos.
You made a lot of shots, used a datalogger, uploaded the photos and the GPS file, but after the automatic geotagging with the locr GPS Photo software the displayed positions seem to slightly wrong?

May be you forgot to set your camera time correctly. Before taking the photos simply set the camera according to the system time displayed on the computer you want to use to upload the photos later. If you forgot to do so, or did not know it, you can adjust the time subsequently using locr GPS Photo.
Important note: For an exact calculation of the position during the automatic geotagging you should always set and keep the camera time set according to the system time of your computer - regardless, where you are driving or flying to!

For better understanding: In order to match the GPS files with the photos locr GPS Photo uses the system time of the computer. Having set the camera time to a time different from the system time of you PC, locr GPS Photo will not be able to find matches, and the automatic geotagging will fail. Therefore, please always use the system time, or – if necessary – use the "Time Adjust" option.